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About BMC&G:

Lemans 97The business started out of necessity. The first team Brian Copans worked with needed gear changes done at the track, and being the technician he was, he started doing the work that was needed. The word spread to the surrounding Porsche teams in the paddock. Soon the evenings at the track were spent working on other teams gear changes and gearbox servicing needs. As many of his teammates moved on to start their own Porsche-tuning businesses and move up the ranks at other teams, the transmission needs grew. In 1999 Brian, with his wife Pam, opened the BMC&G business, catering exclusively to Porsche gearbox servicing. For the past 10 years, Brian has been working on Porsche gearbox overhauls and regearing, doing much of his work at the track to help customers get through each grueling event. Wins and championships followed.

champion GT1 prepThe past decade in Porsche history has been in the GT ranks. Many 993, 996, and 997 customer cars have been built by Porsche to compete throughout the world in numerous customer-based sportscar series. With modern production techniques that allow these cars to be produced in mass, a growing need for servicing these cars exists. BMC&G has grown each year with the new IMSA GT3 series, new teams coming to the ALMS, the ever popular Grand-Am GT series, and current customers spreading the word about our services. Through the success of these cars, this has allowed Brian to travel throughout the world to work with and advise race teams to get the result they desire.

BMC&G works closely with Porsche Motorsport to develop the evolution of the powertrain. BMC&G has close communication with Porsche via factory engineers, motorsport technicians, as well as the management staff of PMNA (Porsche Motorsport North America). This ennsures that every Porsche customer is getting the best service and products for their on track experience. All of our development comes from hands-on work with the gearboxes, parts, drivers, and track conditions. Porsche technical bulletins and new parts development are a direct result of our experience and knowledge from in-the-field testing.

Brian is one of less than of a handful of people in the world with this experience.

In recent years the word has gotten out to customers outside the pro-racing world. BMC&G now often services gearboxes for vintage race cars, PCA racers, as well as advising the professional teams. BMC&G has catered to the specialized needs of Porsche street and race car owners that are difficult to find at most Porsche independent garages, or Porsche dealerships.

We welcome your new business.


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