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Sequential finishing standExpert preparation of all G-50, G-96, G-97 pro-race, and club race gearboxes. (re-gearing, rebuilding, parts, etc.) Both hot-rod street, and race versions of 993 6-speed (RS, RSR, GT2, GT3, TT), 996 6-speed (GT3, GT2, TT, RS, RSR), 997 6-speed (RS, RSR, GT3, TT)

Select gear sets (new and used) for G50 based boxes, and G96/G97 sequentials.

Stocking distributor of EMCO gearsets. Prices start at $800 USD.

Official Porsche Motorsport sequential gearbox service center. (re-gearing, rebuilding, parts, etc.)

Building and servicing of all types of Porsche Motorsport differentials. Installing ramps and clutches that work for different applications for both hot-rod street, club-racing, to pro-race. New and used.

LSD servicingInvolved with all current Porsche Pro-racing (ALMS, World Challenge, Grand-Am, IMSA GT3, ELMS). Trackside services with complete workshop available to customers at most North American tracks throughout the calendar year. Parts, spares, fluids available at the track.

Unparalled knowledge of gear ratio selection and set-up knowledge for all North American tracks on hand.

We are also a large supplier of Guard Transmission (GT) high quality CNC parts, aftermarket gear sets, and hot rod pieces for the 915 and G50 based Porsche gearboxes.

Mobil Delvac 75W-90 is in stock at all times in five gallon pails. Call if you need this item.

Specialty Services:

Restoration and maintenance services for historic Porsches, such as 964 RS, 993 RS/RSR, 993/996 GT1.

934, 935, 956-962 maintenance for HSR, SVRA historic racing cars.

G50 oil pump, coolerStreet car 996TT/997TT. Custom gearing, pressurized lube systems, spraybar installation. Preparation of trackcars and land speed record cars.

996, 997 street GT3 differentials, synchros, gear selection, rebuilding.

356, 901, 915/930 overhauls, track preparation, regearing, LSD installs.

Customers in the Athens, Ohio area that need the gearbox removed from the car, or other service can contact us direct to schedule an appointment.



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